Last dance

Cry Freedom
swaying on the dance floor

your arms enveloping
hands exploring

lips touching
slow electrification

Thoughtful syncopation
Bodies entwine

Veil of smoke
stolen moments

This piece of music reminded me of the old school disco’s I used to attend at school, and also for a strange reason (random tangent) the way my ex husband looked at me on our wedding day. please don’t ask what goes on in my brain when I listen to music….but this is what I came up with. Link yours up for one stop poetry hosted today by Brain Miller


18 responses to “Last dance

  1. nice…thanks for sharing those moments in time too as i get that…songs have that way of taking us there…great verse too…lots of feeling…esp that last stanza….

  2. from
    “Cry freedom”
    to “conealing
    stolen momments”
    we are taken on a ride
    of love
    and passion
    on through to
    quiet embrace.

    a very nice ride indeed.


  3. Thoughtful syncopation… such is the best part of a slow dance, especially when anticipation leads to further closeness. Great write!

  4. Brilliant, Shan! Immediately took me back to the night when I met the love of my life. Magic happened on the dance floor and we were together from that moment on until he died. Thank you for leading me to such a happy memory and reexperiencing the magic, if only for a few moments. Love you. ♥

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