A tall tale

I’m posting for Jingle’s poet’s rally week 12, I’m very proud to be a part of this  I must say. The award I have chosen is this one,

thank you I shall make my nominations at the bottom of the post! I am a curious person by nature, not a busy body, I don’t think I’m much of a poet either! But I enjoy it and that’s what matters. So here goes another of my labours for your enjoyment.


Encountered, enveloped, protected

I stir inside.

Something profound moving within

The web of protection does not falter

It strengthens daily

Mutating Maturing, Manipulating

Executive strains and decisions

No longer a worry

They have no affect on my cocoon

Motivation, Movement, Desire

Words of an ancient thesaurus

I’m pure to the burdens of the world

Knowing it is time to exit

My beautiful haven erupts

Calling me to the unknown

I will leave, this time

knowing I am stronger

No longer a sluggish creature.

What will emerge

Is a beautiful butterfly

Silent and wise.

My nominations for this award are

1. Nano

2. Slpmartin

3. (John) Poet traveller

Just because I think these three are about as curious as I am 🙂 Have a good day, and congratulations.

11 responses to “A tall tale

  1. cool selections,
    beautiful poem…

    you know the magical change in a butterfly,
    it takes time, plus courage and pain…

  2. please notify the three poets who you nominate for the award…
    have fun!

    let me know after you finished visit poets,

    6 participants that are new to you,
    6 fresh poets from my list.

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