New old fashioned romance

Back in the days of black and white,

It was all cut and dried,

All it took was the shock of an ankle bared

Red hot lipstick, a shared cigarette,

Melodious harmonies created on the big screen,

Ingrid Bergman, James Dean,

All they had to do was smoulder up there

A Marilyn wiggle of the derrier.

Now in the world of match dot com

I sit here thinking-where did we go wrong?

Where’s the electricity, the passion, the innocence?

They had on the flickering screen? The Presence?

It’s just a story of boy meets girl.

Does it happen in this modern world?

16 responses to “New old fashioned romance

  1. Exactly! Science and technology have replaced the simple magic of meeting, learning about each other, and falling in love. Now it’s all about computers matching on 20 different levels of compatability and telling you who you should fall in love with. An improvement? I don’t think so….

  2. nope.
    they got to have
    for all the world to see
    and erase all the
    delicate mystery.
    so sad.

  3. Nice poem, Shan. I hate to disappoint, but the movies have always only been pretend. Maybe a very few have been lucky enough to have any of that in real life, but not many. But I agree with you 1000% about “” dating. 😉

  4. It may all be make believe…but changes have occurred …the level of acceptance of violence…willingness to put anything and everything on the screen for sales…you need not use your imagination…just take notes if you wish…enjoyed your poem.

  5. “Melodious harmonies created on the big screen, /
    Ingrid Bergman, James Dean,”

    Thought provoking poem.

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