The Empresses Tale

The Empress watched wearily as the last of the days’ homage was spent

The sun set in front of her throne glorious in it’s magnificence

Making her skin radiate with the gold paint

In which they adorned her.

She ached from head to toe tired of being pushed to and fro

by the priests and men, who would tell her when

To raise her hand for a fateful kiss, incase she missed

A murderer or a wounded soul. Tonight she just felt old.

Waving all the servants away, she stepped out into the light of day

Stretching her arms to the sky, aimlessly wondering why, oh why

Was she stuck in such a marvellous nighmare, almost too much for her to bare.

For she had the world on a golden platter, it didn’t matter.

Looking down from her gilded veranda, she heard a beautiful stanza

Being read out loud in the court beneath her, in her heart it caused a flutter.

And as her golden paint did glitter, her heart lost its cold and bitter

As she leaned over to the voice of silk, before her bath in asses milk.

As she peered down then he gazed up, and drank in her eyes

Agog, they stared, and silent words passed between them

The start of a tale, that would condemn.

This is the first part of a series of poems I have been working on recently called the Ruana series. I hope to continue on here to post the poets tale sometime during the weekend. I hope that you enjoy!

10 responses to “The Empresses Tale

  1. Very nice, and we know immediately what is going on. I have only glancing familiarity with the Fantasy genre, but setting a story to verse, and bringing in that additional set of cultural touchstones and expectations, sounds like a great idea and challenge.

    Yes, the NaPoWriMo and the readwritepoem April challenge is fun; I rebel, but settling in it does help me write in ways I wouldn’t on my own, helps me stretch. And with posting your poems on the daily “prompt” page, you get and give a lot of exposure.

    What Twitter challenges are you referring to? When I started on twitter a year ago for a couple months I was tweeting a haiku a day, lol.

  2. Love it!! Maybe publish those ones I read over Christmas too if you get time to translate them??they were aces!!  cant wait to read the next one!!

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