Carcinogen Queen


Blue eyed Titania tokes on the death of a stub

opaque skin simmers with inhaled cyanide

adding to the titration of the blood in her veins,


on she totters blowing death like Morrighan

wooing menfolk to follow her crone black into the

underworld where maggots fester awaiting

tar lunged souls to their unfortunate

carcinogenic fates


Want to hear this read?

Flash 55 for today’s one shoot sunday over on one stop poetry. This photograph is courtesy of Fay Easton.

29 responses to “Carcinogen Queen

  1. I smoke too David, very lightly but I still so need to give up. Going out in the pouring rain at 11:30 when the kids are asleep and the winds a howling is no fun!

  2. What’s disturbing here, not to mention so well written and conveyed, is the double connotation of the Morrighan calling both the men who follow her and herself to her own fate. Very, very effective!

  3. brilliantly stunning, Shân. i couldn’t think of a thing looking at the cigarettes. ended up not mentioning them at all. this is an amazing take on the photo. ♥

  4. Excellent personification/denunciation of a bad habit, and also kudos for making me use the dictionary before noon for ‘titration.’ Good luck on quitting some day–it’s a hard drug to kick.

  5. the feel of this work leaves my skin crawling…the sight of Titania,hagged and worn,”wooing men…”.disgusting and yet a marvelous image!well done!

  6. Knowing what the horrific end will be, she is still seductive to many, and you have captured that maggotty end and wasting beauty in a twisted, sexy female Pied Piper of smoke and wasting death…

  7. Excellent job tying the mythological references into this one Shan – reconciling the modern with the classical in this horrifying trip to the underworld, care of cigarettes. A ghastly portrait, a haunting temptation – captivating depiction.

  8. I love it that you have made her the death-goddess of Cancer, a fey queen and a witch-plunderer, ravening on the death of white cells. Don’t nobody mess with this cancerous wolf; her canines yearn for us from cigarette packs and processed food, the air we breathe, the water we drink. Even the things we think. Great job – Brendan

  9. Absolutely LOVED this… blowing death like Morrighan
    With that reference, who needs any things else! Fierce write…potent piece that has this smoking fiend wanting to finally kick the habit that has enslaved me (so’re the only one to pick up on my personal battle!) Think this one might be my new favorite…for now! 🙂

  10. Great metaphors here, Shan! And a lot of new words for me–thanks for opening a new world of words. I love how you present her. And perhaps, imagining as yet, how you wrap it up. I read it as the beginning of a deep journey to her spirit, if you find it. thanks again!

  11. ugh! the words you chose were gut-wrenching, which is completely perfect for the photo…I love your take on this prompt

    – maggots festering – (I am gagging, really, I am!)

  12. yes, I adore that flippancy too. Afterall, it is one of MY most endearing qualities as well – LOL!

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