Mourning bride, furious
losing control
gouging unprotected eyes as
she discovered those stains
on his unwashed laundry

dirty, dirty

dishevelled banshee
screaming hateful profanities
all arms and nails and snarling
Helion teeth

she forgets

he meandered to her from a wedded bed
wetting his rites in pools of amethystine lust
in her bosom he promised faithful and true
“I belong to you”

the subtle knife seduced slicing
to the heart of the matter,
dispensable carnality failed
he’ll love no more
ashen grey on the morgue slab
stiff, erect rigor

isn’t that what got him here?

Submitted for one stop poetry’s one stop Wednesday

35 responses to “Flatlined

  1. Wow! Talk about Eros v. Thanatos. Powerful language. To hell with a cautionary tale. Just damn good poetry!

  2. Well…that ain’t no triolet! lol Powerful, forceful, angst, passion, betrayal…almost feel guilty I’m reading this on office time. That old stiff erect rigor gets ’em every time. Funny things about zebras, and the likes, they seldom change their stripes…guess hoping and wishing your the magic that will change them is enough sometimes…until you find the stains. Great write!

    • No Tash, I’m predominantly a free verse writer, this is where I’m most at home. Started experimenting with form to get myself out of an awful spate of writers block!

  3. wow. viceral…sounds like a marriage made in heaven eh? smiles. great one shot shan…and thank you much for your triolet teachings at one stop the last couple weeks…

  4. Wow Shan, quite the poem. Enjoyed it from beginning to end. Such a vivid picture painted in your poem. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Such a good story in addition to being terrific verse. Everyone likes to believe they’re The One for their lover. Even when they know he/she was a maverick off another’s ranch (or two) to begin with. They think it’ll always be different with them. Gutsy, vibrant, memorable. Thank you, Shan.

  6. Talk about pointed irony…. I’ll just leave that one alone. lol Seems karmic in a way. The lines befit an angry bride incredibly well.

  7. Yikes! Now there’s a bitter end, if ever there was one…the ending grinds in and certainly sticks with you. I agree with Dustus about the karma, but I also still hold to my yikes! Potent, angry piece.

  8. Ahh..striking and raw!! I think he really got what he deserved.. he asked for it!
    “ashen grey on the morgue slab
    stiff, erect rigor

    isn’t that what got him here?” — Gosh… this spoke volumes!! The double entendre in here is simply AWESOME, Shan!!!!

  9. Once a prick, always a prick, now at the task of chasing Eros among the breastless shades, offering a “dispensible carnality” to nothing … Fine poem. (P.S., should “Helion” be spelled “Hellion”?) – Brendan

  10. don’t piss off the lady! really, really love your dark pieces, Shân. well, love ALL your writing, but you do have that wonderfully wicked little streak sometimes. ♥

  11. oh my, yes… it is what got him here! No mercy from this bride. Intense, gruesome vengence…I can only imagine the rage…but in a way, felt it thanks to your most excellent writing skills.

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