I wonder if he knows?

Sitting cross legged, divorced from reality, a sanctuary-brandy filled bubble.

Stinky cigar smoke making eyes stream.

A little internal giggle; feeling his eyes on my manicured feet, tracing the smooth aerobicised contours of my finely tuned instrument.

I wonder if he knows?

I cost more than his winnings.

Today it’s one shoot Sunday over at One Stop Poetryone stop poetry. Today the photo prompt by Mike Roemer Mike Roemer.


24 responses to “Secrets

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  2. Ha! You set this microfiction piece up wonderfully. Could imagine an internal monologue. Have you tried a 55 before? Awesome work in 55 words! Great final line too.

  3. nice take, Shan…I was thinking all kinds of things…wondering if he knows….what, what, what doesn’t he know?

  4. Beautiful and evocative, and straight to the point. I love that sanctuary-brandy bit, and the offhand reference to her instrument. Makes the piece sing with disillusion.

  5. you’re right, Shan, we did write about the same woman ~ but yours is MUCH better than mine.

    I don’t know which line is better:

    “a sanctuary-brandy filled bubble.” or
    “I cost more than his winnings.”

    great one shoot, sweetheart. hope you have a great week. ❤

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