Starting over

New start, starts today

No more tears, I promise.

I’m not old, young enough to live,

No spring chicken, but plenty left to give.

I’m not beautiful, but I’m not plain,

I’ll never be tactful, I may drive a few insane,

diversifying knowledgable, head full of tat,

It starts today, I’m not looking back.

Grasp onto the rains now, this girls going to run

All in the hopes of finding some fun.

I may well still weep alone out of sight

But I’m worth more than tears, and I know how to fight.

7 responses to “Starting over

  1. You ARE worth more than tears! And your heart knows it. Every word you write has a piece of you in it ~ strong, unique, defiant. Keep fighting.

    • Then I’m giving away minuscule little pieces of myself! I’m worth more than tears I know but if anyone can dig deep enough to see that worth, then I may be interested 🙂

  2. The repressed emotions we all nuture, through experiences, allow people to achieve many great things.

    Yours come in words.

    and i’m hooked.


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