The dance

I am posting this as a responce to Bethan’s Wicked Wednesday incentive, but I was aiming this time for something a little more sensual than what I normally write. If any of my readers read Beth’s blog you will know that she is an extremely good sensual writer, something I aim to be myself. I decided that Senryu was probably the best form for this poem. Words are easy for me, feelings, not so. Enjoy and see what you think, and please, feel free to leave comments.

Bodies move as one

As the throng of the beat owns

Invading the mind


Hand in hand they seek

Each others hearts in rythm

Cheek to cheek they meet.


Breathlessness heightens,

A touch of the waist, replied

By a slip of smile


Slowly she raises

Her eyes, searching out his soul,

In tandem they’re found.


Lost in another

Dancing in the dark, drowning

In one another.

9 responses to “The dance

    • I enjoyed writing it, I used to dance but due to an injury Ive been unable to get my balance, I suppose it takes me back to think of the dancers!

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