Nostrils fill with your familiar musk
saturate and sate
a familiar scent of home
a Hiraeth so deep
it wallows in echoes
around my entirety.

Resounding hymnal
Where modesty
long lost beneath torn petticoats
beg to be ripped and riffed,
In a squall of tooth and tongue.

Deeper, deliciously lost
in clutch, in grip,
as a rooted tree in its
ecclesiastical spot
Weeps its willowed hollows,

Pledges its vows with ribboned leaves
laments its goodbyes to a setting sun.

And then the quiet,
where hollow to hollow
we hold,
anchored souls,
braided with unspoken

8 responses to “(Be)longing

  1. I have always considered Love as /intertwined/anchored souls/ thought of love making as a completist act, as a couple make one spiritual being. Love your lines /it wallows in echoes/around my entirety/; nice job with this, lusty, romantic, existential; cool.

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