A tribal collaboration ~ GRPG #2

One prompt, six poets, lots of fun 😀


Craig Morris

Let dance your inner Morris
Let your hair go wild,
release your inner child
Grab a stick, some bells
and a hankie and panky or two

Step into those rings
And get ready to fling
savagely and untamed
Your great British thing(y)

Flight to Heaven
John Anstie

He spoke at first in some other tongue;
nothing that I’d ever heard before.
He’d carried all his possessions
from the hut where he was born
and laid them on the floor
in front of them;
symbols of his influence
brought to bear on his place
in this society. Possessions that
He’d never take with him
in his flight to heaven.

The next part was a revelation
it started like nothing
out of the ordinary;
like some kind of dumb down
acrobatic exercise
to loosen him
for hunting
for gathering
for days on end.
Then he scaled heights unknown,
impossible for mortal man
to keep his equilibrium
for so long in his state.
If only you had been there
at the moment when
he went into orbit
round the sun
round the moon
the stars began to smile
as if in acknowledgement
of greatness.

In a trance he’d spun
out of control
and left the ring
where he had taken
far too many
chances at the pipe
it took me by surprise when he
resolved to spin once more

and all that went before
blurred into dream.

When She Called
Shan Ellis

I wonder how the first woman felt,
bare-breasted and all powerful;
beat of worlds pulsating beneath
naked toes, reverberating tick
in a pregnant moment of clarity.

Was she in awe of ochre skies-
burnt expanses of desert stretching
before her eyes?
Could she enunciate a word,
a phenomenon, articulate an idea?
Did she care?

When glare of sun ripened rays
caressed her browned skin,
did she question its composition?
When man returned blood soaked
and hungry, did she kneel for his pleasure,
or grunt a “come here you”?

In her wake of evolution
stripped down beneath our
made to measure underwear,
that drum still beats.

Peter Wilkin

At first we ridicule.
We tend to do that:
poke fun at anything whacky
if it doesn’t thrum
with the same predictable rhythms
that we waltz to.
But once you tune your heart
into the lub-dub, tarra-ta
of those vibrating drumskins
the earth begins to shudder
and ancient embers begin to glow
inside your lower being.
This is when the past
and the future dissolve,
when the now of your breathing
ushers in ecstatic dreams.
Joints become unhinged
as you Leap with the fling
of animal abandon.
This is your true self
spinning like a barrel
safe in a circle of others.

Marsha Berry

Ears and earth vibrate
to ancestral songs
from the heart of the earth
from the whirr
of the sky’s wingbeats
enfolding, embracing
igniting the blood
coursing faster,
spinning like a dervish
in flight…

We gather, embarrassed
at first
then the rhythm
takes hold,
inviting us to be
in the dust, or the rain
dancing to the beats
of abundance.

Magic Beings

Abigail Baker

Dance like nobody’s watching
you will feel
the stiff little fingers
of self consciousness release.

Don’t wear black to the funeral
your shades of grey
adorn this warm skin
with the sunlit natural hues.

Feel the beat of the drum
with the rhythm
pulsing these veins
to your joyful singing heart.

Taste creation in the dust
each small red puff
as every new footprint
replaces the last million.

Spin ever faster this spinning top
in the matrix glitch
just like the jumping jacks
the magic beans, human beings.

10 responses to “A tribal collaboration ~ GRPG #2

  1. Six different yet equally wonderful interpretations of the same event … what a fantastic collaboration! Huge thanks to you, Shan, for the prompt & for the posting 🙂

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