I found you
seeking solace in a stone face –
its tears marbled
you marveled agog
whilst tracing the line of moss
etched like scars
on synderstone skin.

Cheeks, taught and bleached
passed over by summers oblivion
tumulted within thunderous downpours
enfolded by phoebe’s whispering.

Awed you traced the line of sculpted lips
saught to find solace
some warmth in the idol of Lleu
the lady of the flowers had left
dimpled on fleshy thighs.

There you planted your seed,
willing its growth in hope and nurture,
a carnal ache for harvest

and quiet sighs


9 responses to “Mabon

  1. i find myself fascinated with your words in match with imagery too..
    and i think of wonderlust as being wild and free as the dogs in the spiraling Universe of light do prey.. and connect and touch..
    ARE free to live in wanderlust too.. in shapes of golden spiraling life with Universe.. galaxies.. and dog life too..:)

    but only free..
    and never a domesticated prison.. not seeing bars or walls..
    too blind….

  2. Shân! I’m so glad I saw your link for this prompt on D’Verse. Your poetry is so rich with ideas and imagery. “…line of moss etched like scars” grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. Gorgeous piece.

  3. “Awed you traced the line of sculpted lips
    saught to find solace
    some warmth in the idol of Lleu”

    Very interesting effect you have in here and so resonated with my thoughts, when I planned this prompt. Thank you for joining.

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