large_article_im2732_Broken_ChainThese words have been written before,

carefully placed, edited, enhanced, regurgitated

until the originality has drained from the page in a stagnant scream

of upper and lower case sans serif.


These words, my own

will not be read by the person they were intended for,

whilst he sits, caged in his own ennui

thinking macro world is so small

the cosmos revolves around him

fighting his own personal demon

forgetting that here, fragility also blooms

behind a show of strength

and a laughing facade.


These little marks on a page, 

an outpouring from a lost lwoman

who found something in you

you’d never realised for yourself.


I wish I could re write these words

carefully place the meaning, edit, regurgitate,

I wish I could elastoplast the past

but would you notice?

Or is your blanket of darkness shrouded so tight

around your branded armour,

your heart forgot how to beat.




Put me out of my misery people!

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