Her spirit imprinted on barbaric heathlands wrote

her love in blood oaths.

Painted in brythonic woad

guttural unspoken runes-

a woman at war with the bounty

between her thighs.


As she kissed the sinewed crevasse 

where his warrior heart beat,

beneath the tuft of flame belonging

to her only when he chose to share

she knew he would be lost

philosophy bound to the selfishness of tomorrow,

the hedonism of today 

a pregnant pause

before returning barefoot

to the earth 

which birthed her. 


7 responses to “Ideology

  1. wow. nice.
    a woman at war with the bounty
    between her thighs…was an early line that caught me…love the feel of the pacing of this shan…and the lines on the selfishness of tomorrow and hedonism of today…and barefoot return….very cool…

    and so good to see….far to long….smiles.

  2. I love the painting of the barbaric healthlands, warrior heart beat & returning barefoot to the earth that birthed her ~ Lovely story Shan ~

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