In the still
a single breath
a tremor of life itself.

A bulbous raindrop
fresh from it’s cumulus womb
erupted – a tsunami
over a discarded carcass of woman.

Ribs picked and pickled,
a gilded gift of Adam repentant of all sins,
devoured in a field of buttercups
nodding their heads in agreement of ceasefire.

In the still-
where the honeysuckle doused its dew
on silken skin,
and snakes slithered in the long grass where woman lay,
her heart beat,
boomed thunder through mottled bones
to detritus beneath,
accepting an apology
which remained



26 responses to “Silence

  1. There are lovely images in here, but I remain confused about the images of a dead woman, presumably murdered, and forgiveness. As a stupid reader, I may have missed something 😉

  2. I love this Shan, with ancient religious metaphor and wording and imagery as current as today. So many different ways this could be read, or meanings that could be read into it. Superb!

  3. A superb from me too – have read the beauty of your words several times. My interpretation of its meaning is still unfound, nevertheless its beauty is.
    Anna :o]

  4. A challenging poem with both begins and end so delicately – very skilfully done and a joy to read… Thank you – With Best Wishes Scott

  5. Shan, OMG so great to be reading you again! What a powerful piece. I loved every word, every image filled with wonder and expectancy. This was surprising as it unfolded, unique, personal and complete.

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