This heart sings


This music is for my ears alone,
a culmination of a cappella notes
which reach a tangibly painful crescendo,
I am ensconced in sky,
light of infinite suns,
whirl by like seeds blessed
by a spring wind.

When this golden thread of solitary sonata
reaches out for a baritone harmony,
there is only silence,
caffled, almost deafening.
I cannot hear the resonation of my alto
from vacuous nothingness.

I’ve never felt good enough,
or deserving
or blessed
and there is no heat
no poco a poco
from light
which has travelled light years
to see my skin.

My heart sings
to magnolia walls,
and dying lilies on the mantelpiece.

12 responses to “This heart sings

  1. You have a wonderful talent with words Shan. Some of your work seems to echo a little bleakness ( which we all feel) but not so this one.I always hope that for a poet, on a personal level life is good even if the state of the world is not.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

    • Thanks David, I don’t write that much, only when the world gets on top of me from time to time – perhaps why there’s a bleak tint to some poems. I’m certainly not bleak in my outlook of life ūüėČ Sometimes those words just need an escape route, which usually leads here!

  2. this poem has weight, esp there toward the end…never feeling worth deserving or blessed…and yet your heart still sings its own song….love all the music refs shan

  3. there is such a weight felt within some of this poem’s lines, yet it soars into the sky defying gravity..great musical imagery all throughout..and the concluding three lines are breathtaking. much, very much enjoyed..:)

  4. There’s an honesty here I so admire…and much beauty, none more so than the last stanza.. Beautiful write, Shan :)) xo..

  5. Shan, This is astounding. It is incredibly beautiful and sad because I know that absent baritone is out there somewhere and the wait is the longest part. Beautiful work.

  6. I like the echoing paragraph, that expression of loneliness, music to no one listening. This poem really pulls at the heartstrings. I feel it.

  7. This piece echoes the emptiness of being alone. But not all songs need be sad, and sometimes we must live with just the melody before we find the harmony again. Well penned, Shan. Your words…perfect and lovely.

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