With intent



carefully arranged wine soaked pout

as stout as any endeavour.

With age has come duty-  a sense of

what’s required of a not-so-fair-maiden.


Sweeping tousles from her alert eyes

strokes linger ambiguously over her brow

tracing down smooth cheek

pale breast

plump thigh

Some cold remembrance of who she was before.

The stem of the glass welcomes her embrace-

those rosebud lips part, slightly

knowing she is being watched.

Comfortable in the knowledge of captive audiences

a great actress tried to convince herself

that all was right with the world,

she found her answers,

in bittersweet corked Merlot
that she became better with age.

15 responses to “With intent

    • yay I had a breif trip over to your place earlier, I’m working on another novel which is sucking the life out of me, it’s a re-write of something that should have been published a few years ago but they wanted me to make it longer. Goddamn publishers!

      Hoping you are well! We’re all fine, tootling along nicely!

  1. This poem is like a fine wine, it just get better and better with each reading. I agree with Peter the ending is so much bigger than at first it seems. Tasteful write, I will drink to with you 🙂

  2. Some cold remembrance of who she was before….carries the emotion for me…i hope the solace she finds is not just the wine talking as it will take more and more to feel the same….nicely written, you really captured her character well…

  3. Oh, Shan, dear girl, you have captured the heart of poetry with this classic beautifully worded image of a fading star. The line: “carefully arranged wine soaked pout..” was the opener that captured my attention from the start and. Very well written.

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