Half way through indignancy,

destiny undecided- a thousand languages

learned and discarded

grains of sand in the storm

of lyrical life.


Alone, fighting a war against yourself

never stopping to take stock

of paths threaded and weaved,

influences made and shattered,

loves loved and lost,



As the vast expanse unfurls

will the first step be taken?

In comfortable silence,

watch the dawn entice life of golden dunes

forever shifting, adapting, evolving,


Whilst you sit


On this plateau.

40 responses to “Stuck

    • don’t you feel sometimes like you’re not moving onwards, just around and around in circles chasing your own tail? Yeah it’s been one of those haha xx Thanks Lovely, I’ve added you to my reader so I’ll say hello from time to time now!

  1. Taking stock, not many people will do this because examining beyond the surface might reveal what they choose not to see. I don’t think I was ever meant to be a plateau sitter, join me in making tracks in the sand.

  2. Yet u find some kind of oasis in those ever shifting sands…the write is the relief..perhaps?l Beautiful write !

  3. perfect capture of that feeling of being stuck while everything around you moves..great images..and yet so difficult to get down from the plateau because it means safety after all..

  4. I do understand fighting a war against yourself. I have done that on occasion. Not helpful, is it? Shifting, adapting, evolving….yes, that is life. We never know what is on the horizon! Enjoyed your writing.

  5. I like the lessons of the sand dunes…being adaptable, shifting, changing. I’ve often felt like I was stuck…but was I really..maybe needed to slow down to a crawl for awhile… I enjoyed your observation.

  6. I absolutely get the restlessness of this poem…and the inversion in those last two lines was brilliantly done! The sands are always shifting, yet we don’t always need to try and keep up.
    Excellent poem 🙂

  7. I think you put my current frame of mind perfectly. I’ve been searching for the right word; I think stuck will do. something about the “alone” stanza strikes perfectly. lovely piece.

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