He held my hand protectively,

rough, calloused so deeply

that hard days dirt had settled

in wood tattoos telling the story of his life.

( )

He smelt of old-fashioned soap

army clean with shiny boots

beneath worn coveralls doused in oil.
( )

Look up,

the earth has a blanket
( )

billions of ice crystals in nimbus

concerto. Snow, heading our way

in an overture of delighted expectancy.
( )

To a child’s eyes, the dragons danced

crocodiles snapped, ships sailed, witches flew

and unicorns existed in those majestic peaks.
( )

That night,

wrapped up in flannelette,

Watching the clouds fall to earth

I dreamt I was warmed

by that same foamy blanket

as I fell asleep in dads arms.

18 responses to “Imagine

  1. This is so wonderful Shan, it takes me straight back to being a child, to cloud watching and snowflakes falling. Seeing dragons and unicorns and whole worlds I would create out of my imagination. But I particularly like how you talk of a father and daughter. Love it 🙂 x

  2. smiles…it is lovely to fall asleep in that safe place…i love that you rbought out his smell as well…mine is centered on that too as that is where many of my early memories reside…or its a marker for them…nicely penned ma’am

  3. Very nice indeed…such a gret notalgia in this and definately capturing a child like view…its funny, but maybe its only as adults, and looking back at how we were, and the things we thought about as children, that we really get it…really understand our connections with our parents

  4. A place of safety from the storms – I remember running to my parents for that in the midst of a tropical night-time downpour – that’s something many (most?) adults seem to have lost as they have grown up.

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