Embroi (L) dery



Fine entangled threads

woven intrinsically embroiled

threaded delicately

thought through

slight of hand.


Through yellowed smoke

time ticked


needles pulled;

a mastery of closing holes

patching over 

fragile lies seeped

with an over large darn.


Spider webs designed

to entice living flies

these stained doilies

of interlaced words of intent

and malice

served no purpose but to 

kill time.


7 responses to “Embroi (L) dery

  1. This is so inventive it hurts! I can just see a bunch of smoking, nattering women working away like machines. The last stanza is my favourite, keep them coming….

  2. This is (please excuse the pun) beautifully woven, It makes me think of
    ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!’ – Sir Walter Scott

    Love your delicate use of words 🙂

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