I lament for Phoebe,

her once awe-aspiring astral light

dismissed into darkness.

Her half-light, pathetic- led sailors astray

destined to be forgotten-

washed up on the rocks with bracken and drift wood.


I lament for her gravity,

nature’s power unleashed; diminished

as soon as the world turned and the sun rose

flaming  an emaciated dance on distant horizons.


The tides turn, only golden hues of Helios’ kiss

brighten strangers days.

Beautiful Phoebe, your world as cold as ice,

your warmth, hidden in self-created shadows,

elope with the strength of your sanity.


I pity Phoebe

as she will remain in eclipse,

eternally unsatisfied in her own grief.


She will never know the gift of kindness,

the unconditional love which throws itself

around her neck and wills her to stay;

passion of a lovers kiss on alabaster skin,

budding warmth of want screaming to be sated.


As dawn breaks,

her pale light dies

only memories remain of 

her unparalleled cruelty.


Feel for me” 

whispered the moon,

Dawn rose regardless.







15 responses to “Dichotomy

  1. Very cool, Shan. I whisper-read this and one line felt so good and so right in the reading as well as in the image and emotion: “budding warmth of want screaming to be sated.”
    Fantastic, dear heart! 🙂 xo ~ j

  2. nice shan…you make me feel for her as well….for never knowing those touches and feelings….and the close, the dawn coming anyway…there is a bit of irony in that…

  3. Utterly awesome write! Straight from the heart, cuts like the ice of her world.

    ‘As dawn breaks,
    her pale light dies
    only memories remain
    of her unparalleled cruelty.’

    This is powerful poetry Shan 🙂 x

  4. My word! YOUR words! Beautiful, haunting, dark…and will linger long after dawn. Love the contrast as we swing from cold and cruel to pity and wonderment…I’m off to have a moon bath before my horizon shifts~!

  5. Your writing draws us in to lament with you on this person we discover through your words. Especially liked almost abrupt feel to the final stanza: the dawn remains emotionless, and life moves on.

    ““Feel for me“

    whispered the moon,

    Dawn rose regardless.”

    • Thanks Ginny, and thank you for visiting, my blog has been barren too long and it feels as though my poetic side is bursting into life with a new year! Life does move on, in ever turning circles thankfully!

  6. So much here that speaks of those unrealized…who will never be realized…u speak evocativelly and touchingly of waste and wanting.

  7. oooooh! love, Love, LOVE this, Shân! i think one of my favorites of all time! killer ending!!!
    i hope the new year brings you much joy and even more contentment!
    love you, girl!


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