Stepping stones



Nestled cacophonous beside frozen flow

none shall pass.

Hugging legs to chest downed in

artificial warmth, lost,

confused, direction-less.


Christened and baptised beliefs

in earth beneath feet and surety of thaw

I search for you.

None shall pass.


Darkened shadows creep closer to

this sanctimonious threshold

clawing for freedom where only spirits

exist out of time.


There you stand,

In dancing hues of darkening want,

close enough to smell your heat,

too far to touch.

Cool eyes on my skin, 

pinking cheeks,

you are ether. Gone


and none shall pass.

3 responses to “Stepping stones

  1. This poem really strikes home, it speaks to me of the pain of loss yet a confusion in the search for where to place things.
    Very powerful and beautiful indeed 🙂

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