Boobs tits nips orbs
mammaries ya-yas
jugs joojoos breasts



these boulders held and fed my kids
my form financed and shaped to fit
this power wielded over mars
In mother like wield- soft pillowed charms

Encompass in downy flesh
better men have tried and failed
fallen fated in this honey trap-
one touch, deposit lost

Enraptured goggle eyed blind sighted
Hind sighted


You missed the cerebellum above

Big mistake.



5 responses to “Superficial

  1. Bwahahaha! Excellent Shan ~ feels like you’ve just written your whole self into existence as opposed to merely a pair of paps … but a very important pair of paps that your offspring nuzzled into & gained sustenance from. Love your ending 🙂

  2. This is quintessential, vintage Shan Ellis and absolutely love it, especially the close. Nothing sexier than a well formed cerebellum, I say. Well written, Shani-baby-booby-girl.

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