Dibs go to Aubrey_of_Ottowa for this stunning photograph Copyright belongs to her

Breath, frozen on a November morning,
watching poppies bow their heads
with dignity,poised for an explosion of noise.

Nothing but bones here,
ivory crosses- symbol of life
taken a way incognito.

Remnants of mothers lamenting,
grieving wives and children confused
in search for peace, {or power.}

Still we breathe the frigid air of freedom,
lest we forget its fragility
and impermanence
in a world changed, for their sacrifice.

Dros Gymru’n gwlad ein tad dyrchafwn gri- Y winllan wen a roed i’n gofal ni


10 responses to “Rememberance

  1. Yes, poignant, very appropriate and so in tune with everything that I believe most normal mortals feel about what this day represents, Shan. For some reason, I am a little surprised that this has come from your pen, you have revealed something of yourself, here, that I hadn’t fully appreciated of you and I am very impressed. You have my respect, M’am.

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