(De) Volution

Darwin rules the Old boy’s club-

back patting cigared interbreeding,

drooling whiskey drabs- well spun tales


                                            (Masters of the Universe)


Judged Joe Bloggs (haters)

evolved from silver spoons; 

thoroughbreds wannabe’s.

They crawled in different directions

to the hoard of common lungfish

gulping for (income taxed) air.


These YES men of concrete street;

deaf to multicultural beats of

multi-coloured communities.

Blue eyed genocide waving goodbye

to diverse ethics.


Etonians from Venus’ thighs

lacking knowledge, depth, intercision-

names on ballot papers

fingers on economy

suits for bankers pockets

(back- AMEX accepted)


Charity culls-


Inter (RE) jected




15 responses to “(De) Volution

    • sociological poetry? A movement in words? Sure, I read your post, but this is more like propaganda waging on all main political parties who have inherently ALL lost their way and are out of touch with the actual people they serve. Tell me more 😉

      • We should give the reader the benefit of the doubt sometimes 😉 Isn’t it our job as writers to challenge the perception of readers with our words? You can’t teach people opinions, they’re formed through life. Some people always follow blindly, others cut their own path. Sure I’ll add your tag, point me in the direction of the pavers 😉

  1. Wow! Love the content, love the postmodern layout/style of your poem, Shan … it just seems to ‘fit’, somehow, perhaps given the ‘eclectic’ nature of our beloved govt. & their disjointed & haphazard way of governing. And for me there is irony in the way you’ve laid out your words … not in what some traditionalists might call ‘true’ poetic metre … & there IS the irony: ‘truth’ would seem to be a rather alien concept to our politicians. And how can I not love ‘Etonians from Venus’ thighs lacking knowledge, depth, intercision- ‘ Cracking write, mate 🙂

    • Thanks Peter, been kicking this one into shape for a while, in between learning. It’s not about any political party in particular, their colours have all sadly melded into one. I’m not against the hierarchy of well educated people as leaders,- unfortunately it seems to be a sign of our generation that well educated, aren’t in mainstream schools- rather privately educated. Thanks again for the love x

  2. hell yes….dang this is a rip shan….i agree their colors have melted into one and its not for the common man…i am surely fed up with our system here in the US…and how much it can be twisted by the dollar…ugh…just this week bomb shells left and right from racism to bigotry, to bribes…pretty sick…really great word play, love the structure…

    thanks for the comment yesterday…will be performing it soon…and i teach on the other end of the county from my kids…so they would not go to my school…and they are still a few grade level away from being in high scholl as well…

  3. Love it when you scathe, Shan. Also appreciate much the clever broadside against all government creeps and their vomitus. Great write!

  4. A very clever poem indeed, Shan. I love the way “de” in the title becomes “re” in the end and I guess what is needed is a revolution. Q xx

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