Black Swan



For the one that got away



Lied words in webs lay heady at my feet

those tangled tongues cut deep redeemed by few-

spilt wine emaciates raw wounds- so sweet

culled ache anticipates scarred bones of Yew.


Skeletal caveats whisper in your ear

those haunting echoes stir undead within,

whilst paralised enthralled we turn in fear-

no end to this repose where we begin.


In learning we evolve and saunter on

your remnants mar those things that could have been.


To spread your wings and glide, my blackened swan

forget all horrors that those eyes have seen-

days lost for tears exacerbate hates sting

your winter loss lasts only ’till the Spring.

16 responses to “Black Swan

  1. So good to read you Shan! This flawless piece in its flawless form speaks to many should of, could of, would of’s…but it all boils down to what could have been…as long as you don’t forget you’ve got the wings…you can soar above…Happy OpenLinkNight Poet! Awesome to see you 🙂

  2. smiles…spring, a renewal…oft it is hard to see when that will come, depending on where we find ourselves, but come it does, oft when we least expect it…really like hte way you bend the words in this shan, esp that first stanza where you enter us into the pain of the tongue…

  3. An extraordinary sonnet, Shan. The emotions you evoke resonate so deeply, and you render the impermanence of it so beautifully in the closing line. Q xx

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