When the nights cool




Dying day in grey light 

hued sky on bruised lips,

enlightened by a flicker-

finger traced around lines of laughter.


Pause, anticipation of steady breath,

in moment post-heat,

where words are void

but silence sings vividly  

sending shivers down supine spine.


Darkness undresses, gets into bed

warming buried bones,

languidly the lips brush, explore, 

rekindle a phoenix flame 

in these ashen nights, that grew so cold.





8 responses to “When the nights cool

  1. smiles…nice shan…i really like that last stanza…there is a nice intimacy that runs through the whole thing, but rekindling the flame, despite the ashes, that is always a beautiful thing to me…smiles.

  2. Very nice. I like the idea of darkness undressing, getting into bed, warming buried bones. Definitely need those bones warmed these cool autumn nights. Especially when the flame is rekindled as well, which adds a nice touch of sensuality here.

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