Warped Reality – a GRPG collaboration

Prompt really gave us food for poetic thought. Enjoy!

by Jaqueline Dick @Fumanchucat

And who are you,
to condemn me
because I choose not
to reside in your world of reality.

My mystical magic
brings me solace,
beauty –
a world in which only I choose
who or what resides.

It is gossamered,
yet strong;
loving –
and fun.

There are no wars
no bloodshed
no barbs
no jealousies.

Take your reality
and when you tire
I am here
to show you the way.

Make Believe

by Peter Wilkin @PeterWilkin1

It may have been a fluffball
wafted by the draught
from my open window,
or a skittering mouse
fazed by my awakening
but the brand new colouring book
positioned on the chimneypiece
gaudy as splashed paint
convinced me beyond all doubt.
And though my father
could find no trace
of any ethereal creatures
more proof (if proof were needed)
jigged in my mother’s eyes
behind those thin, gold rimmed glasses,
her hands raised high in shock.
This was not my imagination.
This was real, real as the kettle
singing on the iron stove,
real as her wool-bobbled arm
around my small shoulders
as I coloured in the first picture.


by Abigail Baker @The_Linnet

Each cobalt morning I awake
yawning the very birth light
of this furious dying star.

The liquid shudders, shakes,
sliding in perpetual circles
revealing a verdant patchwork.

Billowing milky white mountains
scatter giant marbles, rolling across
this bubbling cauldron surface.

colourless noise rises in rings
cluttering a mythical atmosphere
with a dirty laundry of smog.

Gold and barter are swallowed
vacuum packed in a terabyte
red lights glow in standby night.

Toxic plumes form in mushroom clouds
divine obituaries written in invisible ink
quietly the warm ice still drips.

I close my eyelids seeking reprieve
peace from this brash figment of reality
and your smile welcomes me home.

A Second take on reality

by Marsha Berry @Marousia

Storm clouds gather
in a cerulean sky
glowering together,
raining drops
of discontent
upon my head.

I unfurl my umbrella,
shivering inside,
I smile at the sulky face
behind the clouds,
the rain drops stop awhile
then a thought passes
and the clouds darken
once again…

I run inside for shelter.

A parallel World

by John Anstie@Poetjanstie

My world is parallel to yours.
I see what you see,
I comprehend
what you understand, but
the pace of my soul,
my mind’s chicanery,
the pattern of my life,
defeats you.
It is perhaps the magic
of the spectacles I wear
you know, the ones
that only a child can use

The varying spectral sensitivity
of which my eyes are capable,
sometimes miss a step
in your logic.
It’s like a missed beat
in the heart, that leads
to moistened eyes,
to anger or pain,
or simple awe at sight
of beauty,
that makes me fear
to show you how I feel,
because of how you think…

Like a garden full
of vibrant colours,
arranged according
to their botany,
not their beauty.
Like lying in a field of grass
watching a sky full of stars,
defined by astrophysics
and not by your dreams.

When I am in
a hypnopompic state,
I tarry not with reason.
I see why your reality
is not what makes me tick.
What turns me on is
an alternative view
of sights and sounds
that sing to me,
in harmony
with Mother Nature’s Earth.
That is, the earth,
the other worldly earth,
of which we are a part.
Try to understand it,
as I do you.

(AN) Atomical

by Shan Ellis @Awdures

An accumulation of particles
meanders lazily past my little collection
of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen.

There may be Nitrogen in there somewhere too.
Perhaps in the bile.

Free radicals change the constitution,
Degenerating epithelial stuff
Blow wind,
gale force whatever
you can’t catch me.
(I’m spiritual man.)

Dreaming in the daylight,
walking in the dark-
enlightenment, inner search
who am I?
What are we?

Someone upstairs having a laugh-
especially if I’m fantasising (these)
dangly bits.
Couldn’t I look like Nigella Lawson?
Only for a few hours?

7 a.m. wake up call
back to reality
kids jump me,
a reminder,
albeit gentle
that my bed
is made.


by Joe Hesch @JAHesch

My dreams never come true
because I barely remember
my sleeping dreams. My reality,
though, sees me walk through
a see-through dreamscape wherein
I conjure all manner of spectral maybe.

Does it matter whether I lead
a life of imagined self
in real battles and true loves,
or the real life of imaginary foes
and the touchless one
who holds my spiritual heart?

I can’t choose until that day
when real meets real,
warm touches warm.
Until then, I am content
to let my sleep-deprived imagination
inform this forever-aching reality.

9 responses to “Warped Reality – a GRPG collaboration

  1. Shan! You did such a magnificent job here! Woot woot! We are goooooooood! Thank you so much, lady!:))) xoxoxo

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