Pieces of me

Infinite grains of life I hold

slipping lazily through tightly closed fingers.

As I savour all I have

it becomes arduous not to lament

those slivers that have deftly escaped;

making their way in this world.

A square poem 6 x 6 written for Form For all Thursday over at D’verse Poets.

13 responses to “Pieces of me

  1. oh you plucked the heart strings on this….the slipping…i feel it with my own kids and even my own grains….slowly emptying….smiles….square is hard…a beast….nice pic of you two…

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  3. You? Braindead? Don’t think so poet…form aside, this is fantastic…makes me want to run and hug my mini-me 🙂 That pic is wonderful! Needless to say…you’ve been scooped 🙂

  4. Nice write. As I savour all I have, it becomes arduous not to lament- great line. Thanks

  5. Some of those slivers might have escaped…but what’s left behind is soooooo worth having… No?! 🙂
    Such a lovely write! And what a cutie of a click to accompany it… 🙂

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