Questioning viral itches,
twitches, reverberate silently
between guilty membranes.
Silk smooth pervasiveness slips;
wet with words, dripping
flagrant jurisdiction.

Thirst burns raw,
anticipation humming between
fumbling fingertips.
So close.
Finite answers unfelt,
where chasms gape
where knowledge keens.

Gandhi’s monkeys judge.
Laughing from the mantelpiece.
Orgasmic marsupials
our purifying personifications.

Grey smeared with dirty raindrops
scream of sirens
glass eyes stare on and grin.

22 responses to “Umbilical

  1. Well how about this? Very interesting poem. The beginning especially – that restlessness of aloneness, isolation -very-well-conveyed. (We are all sort of in a monkey house.) k.

  2. dripping
    flagrant jurisdiction….great word paring that…and the smiling monkeys…staring at us in the moment….that is rather haunting even in our aloneness…

  3. I think these words need to be pondered and unwrapped, but I have a sense of an emotional reaction to something that maybe the ego (super-ego) says should be left to reason. If “Gandhi’s monkeys judge” were the only words in this poem, it would be fantastic, and the rest of your words just build on it.

  4. I like your use of rhythm! Fast, fascinating. I especially liked this line: “Finite answers unfelt” (and infinite sometimes felt, I couldn’t help thinking…).

    • thought is a finite thing, ends approximately five minutes post death I think! Infinite, well those are questions we humans have been asking since the year dot 😉

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  6. Shhhh! We must not speak of such things and a glass eye is NO seeing…I might be running away a little too much with the image…but no matter…the write is freaking fantastic…wonderful pulling in of the reader! There was no giving up on this half-way thru…hooked!

  7. wow, what a sardonic ending. “Finite answers unfelt” almost seems like denial, not wanting to know, or knowing it and taking ti for granted. Powerful write, Shan. 🙂

  8. I held off commenting on this as my ‘fluff of a brain’ was struggling with it. I can see the ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ & a sense of people looking on disapproving but not prepared to do anything. A suggestion of prostitutes comes to my mind… sorry if I have got it totally wrong! I do not claim to be a great brain.
    Love your style, words and rhythm as always x

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