Hick (up)

Drowned opiate swirl-

crimson carnage

sun sets; blot of blood

seeping between hairy toes

of a Southern simplophile.


Clutching frayed leather

to a withered pair of titties

Neither this man nor his parents sinned,

rose quartz glasses, slow slide

down the hump bridged nose.



In the beginning there was-

there was?!

Senile hands, a few billion atoms

and a bloody big bang.


In the beginning there was

a preacher,

surrounded by girls in dogstooth dresses

serenading Sunday’s with flowers in their hair.



Another of god’s giftwraps

forgive them, for they know not what I do




3 responses to “Hick (up)

  1. Fascinating poem- ‘another of God’s giftwraps’ and ‘forgive them – they know not what they do’- this made me think that maybe this poem was about the contradictions and contrasts in religion – such as the big bang vs the old hands (assuming god?)…and then the gift wrapped women- which bought sexuality into the equation contrasted with the seemingly pure religious intentions. Maybe I’m reading too much into this! But- I enjoyed it and it made me think- challenged me.

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