Caw your death knoll
bird of despair, enticing sinew from
spoils of another’s victory.

Jurisdictional base black eyes
glass back reflection

It’s only nature,
regurgitated anonymity
sheeplike mentality.

Let’s save the world you and I,
picking the bones of others causes
fundamentally flawed.

Understanding is the intelligence,
clawed deep within inability
to judge for yourself.

cigfran meat raven

20 responses to “Cigfrân

  1. This is a gritty poem, Shan. It has the deeply moving feeling of a message that is very meaningful too. Corvidae are intelligent birds; you always get the feeling that they know so much more than they’ll ever be able to tell us.

    And anyway, you said you weren’t writing. So what’s this then?!

    • Something that came as a flash in the pouring rain whilst driving home. Tired am I of being a rebel without a cause. Pick the bones of my words, if people don’t like them. Sod them. I’m saying it anyway.

      • But you DO have several causes, hard though it may feel when you are in the swamp up to your neck, I can name two of them already: your delightful children are one of your causes. Writing your experience of life is another as well as being your responsibility to humanity.

  2. woohoo shan! great to see you….Let’s save the world you and I,
    picking the bones of others causes
    fundamentally flawed.—ha, nice line…and sheeplike, yep, we just follow the tail of the one in front of us far too often, beat that other drum and lets learn to live again…

  3. Wow, this is good. Not a word out of place all relating to each other to build the meaning image of crow as mispositioned, hunting and pecking devourer of half-ideas. Reven-meat is as it does, perhaps. Your final stanza is the take away and well worth pondering where we fit into that equation. Brilliant!

  4. Feels like this one needed to come out, Shan ~ nay! Forced its way out, even! And powerful it is, too. Much food for thought oozing from those lines & a whacking great final stanza! I echo Ben: brilliant!

  5. This is an amazing poem, Shan. In one poem, you so efficiently and powerfully evoked the character of a raven or crow, but also the way you and I are, and the way nature is and that sometimes in the big scheme of things we are anonymous and simply doing as nature does … Brilliant poem, Shan!!

  6. wow…very cool shan…love the message in this…there’s def. time to judge for ourselves and take off the shades and make our own decisions..and very cool to see you at dVerse! woohoo

  7. Shan, girl you rock my world… each time you let rip with your words! 🙂

    ‘It’s only nature,
    regurgitated anonymity
    sheeplike mentality.’

    It might not be bubbles of happiness, but damn it girl you have got the knack of kicking the spot!


  8. It’s only nature,
    regurgitated anonymity
    sheeplike mentality

    regurgitated… you always use my favourite words Shân… i love the Cigfrân
    vibe too – i have recently been studying the Corvidae family ( i’m like soooo sexy no? 😀 –

    The Jackdaw and the Magpie have been found to have a nidopallium approximately the same relative size as the functionally equivalent neocortex in chimpanzees and humans, and significantly larger than is found in the gibbon.

    the shit they can do is unreal and thats not counting the black magic shit
    they weave and the immortality factor 😀

    plus they look way cooler than hairy assed apes no? lol.

    great stuff Shân- hope your well! 😀

  9. “Understanding is the intelligence,
    clawed deep within inability
    to judge for yourself.” – awwwesomeeeeee

    the meanings in this piece dive DEEP. a fine write… fine, kinda like Colin Firth 😉

  10. This builds to its very powerful ending. You mix a strange brew with the bird of death and intelligence, a very creative metaphor for the power of reason to destroy what is good. Very few recognize how destructive reason can be these days, so your poem is a welcome admonition to look out for it.

  11. I thought you weren’t writing! This is not exactly chopped liver, you know!…rather awesome…I like. Tho, I’d like to conspire on fundamental causes that are less flawed and have more meat…I like the way you weave that “fundamental flaw” . Good stuff!

  12. Nice….love the crow, something romantic about tht bird. Maybe your talking about a world that doesn’t understand – like some people see the crow/raven as an ugly thing, they judge it. Maybe what you’re saying is that people need to understand before they judge. Some great wordplay in here too….enjoyed this 🙂

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