Slip swaying tight peach in pencil skirt
pen in mouth-straight line stocking pout.
Rockabilly dreams beneath dyed crimson waves
painted-on; beauty facade.

Every day, groundhogged stunted
play politicking with suits squandered,
meanderthal pronounciate power games,
smegma breeze, heads turn.

Small town girl, assets and asset
remit of the ugly gene,
festering melancholic myasms
benign metastases flower.

Juxtapose those bony hips
dogging with the alpha,
start again 9 am, with a snap
of a garter clasp.

Smoke throat giggle,
tick tocking of that clock in
the Gaultier skirt.

Beware the bitch.

9 responses to “Harlot

  1. ha! Yes, my dear girl…you’re lack of presence has been noted..and this would be why. Razor tongue you…beware!

  2. ” peach in pencil skirt
    pen in mouth-” is a great enjambment / alliteration

    smegma breeze, heads turn. -> LOL toooooooo funnneeeee

    dogging with the alpha, -> great pun there

    craving -> is totally deep

    like how you used asset, so many good things here.

    this is not just my favorite of yours, but certainly one of my favorite that i’ve read online!! period.. !! .. !!

  3. I’ve already commented on FB, but worth saying again for you, for the record: Fascinating, Shân, absolutely fascinating. I wrote one or two pieces a couple of years ago, inspired by one or two of the variety of characters, personalities and behaviours I found in the office environment. This makes me smile, because I completely recognise all the references here. Had to get my dictionary out, but then soon realised I didn’t need it! Love some of your phrases” “smoke throat giggle’ spot on; “dogging with the alpha” dodgy, demeaning but delectable!

  4. nice word choice shan…smegma…myasm…these def add texture and grit to this…smoke throat giggle is def a nice touch as well….you really bring her out…i know her from my time in the office world….

  5. This is a beauty…sarcastic, vitriolic. Love your use of words and your form. I find that the shorter lines in the stanzas add to the stak honesty you are presenting to us here.

  6. This is great…so sarcastic….loved the end. Also quite vitriolic as well. Your use of language, flow, and form…well- I have to applaud you there! very nice indeed. I find the shorter lines in the stanzas give the poem is bite,- it adds to the blunt honesty that your telling us.

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