Finding you

Shallow locked and pure nakedness
stood before you in hues
of velveted rhymes,
rhythms of
beating drums, meta-morphed into fluttering heartbeats.

Scarlet infused eyes
devoured me whirlpooling
into the darkness
searching for the light of your soul
somewhere there,
dancing like fireflies,
torturing with distance.

Shallow worship
until once more we diffuse into
soft heather heaths
in each others spirits
by a touch of lips.


6 responses to “Finding you

  1. really nice colors and textures in this…velvet, flutter, scarlet, dancing fireflies, i love fireflies…..soft heather…and then th elips finally touch…smiles…

    ha, i have had the hawk for a while, just had not updated my pic in like 3 years…

  2. ‘searching for the light of your soul’ a beautifully written poem capturing both the physical and the untouchable in a love dance of words.

    Fantastic once again

    Abi 🙂

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