Exciting times

I know I haven’t been around much lately and my viewing figures have dwindled due to the like for like commenting that goes hand in hand with online blogging, it doesn’t mean however I don’t visit other people’s blogs from time to time. I just find the psychology of the online blogging thing very interesting in its fragility.


If I don’t comment on yours, you don’t say hello on mine. Hm.


Anyway, in other news talks with publisher in the offing, I have a novella out next month on paperback, and a downloadable chapbook out of poetry (yes she self published!) I needed the experience to write about it, keep an eye out on my sister  written in the first for the results of the ongoing experiment. If however you would like to help market this little book of gems please feel free to RT tweets/FB statuses and this BLOG POST of course! You can buy the book HERE

Thanks for your support those who have stuck with me.




11 responses to “Exciting times

  1. Exciting times indeed! And yes…blog commenting is almost as fragile as friendships built on twitter. Just had my first run in with 140 characters taken out of context…FUN! lol You’ve guilted me into this one, as certain memes have been completely zapping my commenting energy…but a promise is a promise, even online 😉 Huge congrats! Huge Hugs! and I want an AUTOGRAPHED copy…. With much writing love…your long silent cyberstalker!

  2. Truthfully I just get overwhelmed sometimes, I make sure to comment on others when they comment on mine and by the time I’m done I just have no time left it seems, so much stuff on the go. Working on my third book! Congrats on yours!

  3. Seriously you guys, there should be a rela and breathe policy, I don’t expect people to run commenting to my blog, and in the last few months I’ve definitely adopted the “keep it to yourself for publishing” rule. I do share lots of poems, and I read everyone’s blogs but I just don’t like the like for like thing, it’s incredibly fake, we are all real people behind these buttons, real and sentient with LIVES (aaahhhh!!) and the fact someone has been busy doesn’t mean that they don’t care any less about others lol. It says a lot about the psychology of not only online people but the mentaity of “out of sight out of mind” I find it really fascinaiting! Kind of lucky I’m not paranoid!

  4. Sure like your honesty. Will look at your poems. I don’t believe in tit-for-tat comments because the only comments worth anything are unsolicited and come from the heart. Otherwise we’re all just patty each other on the back, which feels good but isn’t worth much. But I am prepared to be impressed by your poems.

  5. Congratulations on your two projects, sounds like you’ve got a lot going on at the moment…so happy for you. Also hear you on the fragility of those relationships…it’s tough out there no matter where you’re connecting I think. I’m rooting for you girly…also plan to snag my own copy of your book 🙂

  6. woot on the book! that is awesome! best success with that…

    you nailed it as far as blog commenting and online psychology…it is give and get for the most part…dont know a solution for it…

  7. I’m excited about your new books and look forward to reading them both.

    My blog numbers have also been down lately. Maybe not writing many new posts has something to do with it.

  8. amazing, how are you?

    Happy Halloween,
    hope all is well.

    appreciated your support to Jingle Poetry Community, bless you.

    share your work, old or new, theme related or unrelated with us any time, smiles.

    you are a charming poet, as long as I can recall.

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