Candles quiver
reverence hallowed,
haunted echoes.
Pervading pindrop
kneels amongst
wailing women
keenly seeking
hollow Allah.

doll-like decade,
forgiveness saught
for brainwashed sins.
Fasting flagellation
innocence lost
2,997 atonements
for evil’s epitome.

Taciturn reverence,
no answers
uncommunicated psychosis.

Islam is peace,
Torah screams.

Water trickles placidly above.

smothered fallen stir
crescendoing mutely,
not forgotten.

3650 days
will never erase
the flickering twin candles
of Ramadan.


17 responses to “Ramadan

  1. You’ve covered a lot of ground here Shan…very subtely, but very effectively. Those twin candles of Ramadan are a wonderful image with which to end this thought-provoking piece.

  2. Vivid and thought provoking for sure. Captured the moment from start to finish very nice. Also hasn’t there been a leap year or two inbetween there, adding a day or two? Not relevant, just where my mind went when I read the days, numbers blame it on my day job..haha

  3. It’s a daring poem – a risky poem — likely to attract criticism of the wrong kind. But it is also a truthful poem – and it’s in truth we find the dare and the risk.

  4. This was the first writing I have read from a different perspective. Wonderful images you have stirred for me. Allah is peace.. The higher power within any religion is peace. There are extremist is every religion, race, gender. One day, probably not in my lifetime, there will be worldwide peace. Once the money power people are driven are swept off. Thoughtful poem.

  5. Tackling it head on here, most bravely. Every word is perfectly placed, not one is wasted–your penultimate stanza ratchets it up even higher, the resolves for the nonequivicating conclusion.

  6. It’s important to view it from all perspectives. A short while after 911, I dreamt and then wrote a short story about how it affected the lives of peace-loving Muslims as well as those of all beliefs. And I’ve noticed on the list of those lost, there are many names of Arabic and Hebrew origins as well. It is a wound we all bear in varying degrees. I also love the way you used the candles as a symbol of the towers.

  7. I got caught on the term “crescendoing mutely”, the silent screams of the “smothered fallen”.

    I’m not sure who the wailing women are, nor why Allah is “hollow”. Sorry if i seem thick-headed, but if you’re saying there is a false and a true spirituality I can agree with that.

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