Time travelling virgin

Gustav Klimt

In burlesque gestures
lushlicking hips sway,
cerebral sleep
embryonic peace.

flame red tendrils
entice strokes,
curled around fingers
pink innocence budding.

I observe,
tranquil liquidity.

Wonder if she dreams
in acrylic,
had I her beauty
perhaps I too,
could dream.


23 responses to “Time travelling virgin

  1. …dreaming in acrylic…you captured the mood in the pic so well..love the painting and love your words to go with it…just unity ms. ellis…nice!!

  2. I too wonder what having that beauty would be like. I mean BEING that beautiful.

    Featherbreath is lovely. A prefect image in this perfect poem.

    Reminding me of just how amazing Klimt was too.

  3. Nice. Exceptionally written. My favorite stanza:

    flame red tendrils
    entice strokes,
    curled around fingers
    pink innocence budding.

    Thanks for sharing your work

  4. Lushlicking, featherbreaths…what gorgeous lusty words. Why didn’t I think of that? The entire poem fits the art. Beautifully done!

  5. Love that Klimt image, always wonder what she is holding like something so precious in her hand–maybe the fragility of her own beauty. Some of your word choices are just magical–embryonic peace, featherbreaths, liquidity–and add an extra dimension to a picture already swimming in them.

  6. Really like the wonderful wording you’ve composed:
    ‘cerebral sleep’
    ’embryonic peace’
    ‘tranquil liquidity’
    Perfect words to describe a great image. Amazing piece, Shân.

  7. Ah, dear Shan, I’m being dipped in sensuality this week. Quite warming, it is. The economy of your words belies how many images you bring forth beyond the painting upon which it’s based. Or at least they do for me. If I took away the painting, this piece would still thrum with physical and emotional resonance. And I love repeating aloud, “lushlicking hips sway.” Gives me tongue quite the workout.

  8. i love the title as well as the poem! i think this is my favorite Klimt painting and he would be honored to have his painting connected to your beautiful words. ♥

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