A personal post

Sometimes, writing can be the most invigorating, amazing job in the world. You get to be as free as you want when a story is bubbling in your head, and how refreshing is it to be able to start on a nice clean fresh piece of paper? Very.

On the flip side, it can also be extremely lonely, alienating to the point of pushing your own family and friends away to satisfy the burning desire that burns in the stomach of anyone who knows what it’s like to hold a whole plot or even a poem that’s itching to be penned in their heads for a certain amount of time.

I’m certainly surfing the flip side at the moment, and feeling, “is this really worth it in the pursuit of a few more pennies to fill the coffers?!”. I usually deal with pressure surprisingly well, and as the last two years have shown am resilient in the face of attack.

Does this momentary lapse in confidence within myself make me a weak person? Certainly not.

Life experience is what makes a writer. Sure a talented 16-year-old can write a wonderful tale about love on an epic scale and heartbreak, but in my honest opinion, a 33-year-old having lived a few more years can weave it into the tapestry with a pen in an experienced hand that will be far richer. I may be overawed by comments from teeny boppers now who disagree, but look at the facts, how many teenage authors are there?

I never do the Carrie Bradshaw esque column on my blog for a reason, it’s for poetry, but this undeniable itch played in the depths of my dark, dark brain this morning which culminating in writing this post.

I need to strike a balance.

All work and no play makes Shan a dull girl.


4 responses to “A personal post

  1. Shân can never be a dull girl! you’ll find many times in your life when there’s a pull toward something that wants all of your attention. that said, we need the human interactions and a variety of activities to really live. you’ll find a balance! ♥ love you!

  2. That ache, I know it well and it is irresistibly compelling, to the point that there’s no point in resisting it, otherwise I personally become a bit ‘distant’ or tetchy. I know you have a dependant child, so that makes it more difficult for you than for me. I agree with your life experience bit, well, you’d expect that from a 61-year-old, I suppose, although I think a lot of my drivers come from the first half of my life so far. But what I can say of age is that it has helped me to be more confident of my convictions, to put it out there without questioning what I say and not be afraid of what others will think or say (only that I am as guilty as anyone, sometimes, of poor self-editing and typos). You have far more ability than I do, Shan, so go kick life’s ass, gal.

    “Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back toward disease and death” ~Rumi. “Life’s too short to let the buggers get you down” ~Poetjanstie

  3. I feel this way and then it goes and comes back and goes….and on and on – such is life and I try to pay attention and go with the flow. When I fight the urge to step back from writing because of those words in my head that want to fly out through my finger tips it is no longer fun. And honestly the words go to sleep easier than a child procrastinating bed time.

    When I come back the words wake up and are refreshed and so am I which makes writing enoyable once again. I totally understand this post. Thanks for sharing where you are with us. Just catching up on reading – I realize you wrote this over a week ago 🙂

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