Copyright Frankie Roux

by skeletal fingers,
warmth back from the grave.
Suspired caress
evolved into shackles
in your memory.

Shared with D’Verse poets pub


17 responses to “Rest

  1. Well, there goes sleep again tonite. Death and the grave does inspire as much as light and life. So you’ve had your day…and night??

  2. Creepy…chilling….kinky? Might just be a word hangover from previous reads, but combined with the fantastic image, that’s the vibe I’m getting. (Again, that could very well say more about me than the write!) Never disappointed, and always…ALWAYS an adventure. Awesome!

  3. Brrr…. something very dark and chilling about this one… exactly like those memories that cling on to the walls of our minds, like leeches!

    Excellent writing, Shan dear.. and that image was a perfect fit for the knife-like words!!!

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