Small steps in crossing placid flows
where koi beneath kiss lilly leaves
end summer breeze blows soft and warm
Whilst fingers twine and reach for mine.

The ghosts surround the cherry bloom
full lips invite to set the scene
their blushing petals in your gaze
diminished hues beneath the haze.

A pause in time, a second still
where all around the city works
upon that bridge, where we were us
a secret shared in quiet lust.


15 responses to “Bridging

  1. “where koi beneath kiss lilly leaves” that line does it for me. Builds to an excellent private moment with well done detail. Really like how wind, lips, and air combine the final stanza to create the shared secret. The “still” following the pause is also a nice touch. Sharp poetry.

  2. oh – and see just now the other picked the same line…didn’t read their comments before to not be influenced – but it IS a great line..truly

  3. You captured something about that photo — the bridge is almost idealized, the ideal of something that couldn’t quite exist — just like that “secret sharedin quiet lust.”

  4. “upon that bridge, where we were us
    a secret shared in quiet lust.”

    the planks of that bridge must smile.. this is quite simply a beautiful poem.
    Pleasure reading…

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