Old ground

Sitting on a throne of iron swords
taking stock of lifes’ accumulation,
false queen throned with a daisy chain,
an empress of sunset
burning ochre over distant maternal curves.

Ermine entwined and rooted
where melancholy whispers,
all that I wasted, I do not regret.
As night descends
tickling skin in magical purple hues
the first diamonds appear adding to my wealth.

Je ne regrette de rien,
foolish to hold on when feet long
to follow tangents unchartered.
Two fledgling wings I nurture,
they’ll fly before morn
but not from this old ground.

Submitted for One Stop Poetry’s one shot wednesday


25 responses to “Old ground

  1. oow so gorgeous i could just eat nom nom nom lol every word you write here and the bruising picture so beeutiful .. beez always with a dollop of honey 🙂

  2. delish…love the internal rhymes throughout ‘night descends, tickling skin’…rather fantasy veined as well which is always a plus for me…love the embedded message as well…top notch shan…

    i am part of the early crowd as well, my one shot is up, as i will be leaving in the morning to go see U2…woot, woot.

    have a great day shan!

  3. Bow to the empress…fantastical imagery wrought to delightful ends, Shan. It delicately balances the mystical and real to something dark yet satisfying…

  4. “Two fledgling wings I nurture,
    they’ll fly before morn”

    I adore these lines Shan – as a parent “nurturing” is sometimes hard but that’s what we do – lovely poem !!

  5. Shan, you are singing my song, sweet and clear. I love the images you paint. “All that I wasted I do not regret,” of course, because it makes you the proud possessor of those wings–last line is stone serious excellent. Fine, moody, immersive, all I come here for. Great work.

  6. To look back at a life spent and have no regrets is the best measure of a life lived. I like it & take those fledgling wings to fly!

  7. Nurture those wings and fly from what ever ground you need to! You deserve to see and feel the world from a much higher place, then bring back to us, lowly underlings the inspiration you’ll find. Loved the image you chose as well. I escape to the fantasy realm more often than not, especially when I’m occupied with the bandages that have my own wings strapped to my back! lol Another truly wonderful and insightful write, and I wish for you the best of flight!

  8. What beautiful imagery, Shan!! Despite those traces of melancholia in the poem, the overall feeling was of being calm and composed.. I guess that’s exactly how we feel even when we know of our shortcomings and our almost-regrettable decisions… Yes, we do indeed regrow and nurture those wings in an attempt to fly again..

    I LOVED how you ended your poem with a note of positiveness.. that was really inspiring!

  9. the throne of iron swords makes a strong entry picture into what follows shan..and it’s good if we don’t regret….love the metaphors in this

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