“It’s been a few years since I saw clouds like that child”

He placed his fishing tackle down on the banks of the lake and nonchalantly waved away the midges.

The boy, looked up at the old man, gap toothed and bowl headed, full of youthful questions.

“What does it mean gramps?”

“Storms coming boy”


17 responses to “Parallels

  1. i like this shan…told in such a simple and charming way and yet multi-layered…love the details like gap toothed.. and can almost see them sitting side by side..grand-son and grand-dad..very nice

  2. you capture a simple moment between generations…love teh little touches of detail…a moment the boy may one day look back on…

  3. Love how experience knows a storm’ coming. You do a great job creating an inquisitive character in a learning situation. Plus, it made me miss my grandpa and his talks 🙂 Great microfiction, Shan.

  4. “Storms coming boy”…perfect in its simple wisdom…got chills reading this…could feel all the layers, meanings, messages, events happening and being told in what appears to be a simple every day interaction…

    “storms coming…”

  5. Great. Pleased to meet you, but not in this manner…

    The image above is my image. I am the copyright holder on this image, and it was used without my permission.

    I can’t always prevent people from filching a photographer’s work, but at the very least, please give attribution and a link back to my website. Or else, please remove it.

    Rob Hanson

    • Oops. Sorry about the above.

      I didn’t realize that this was part of the One Stop Poetry challenge. In the normal course of checking for copyright violations, I’ve run into a number of instances, and I saw this one only quickly.

      That said, attribution and a linkback would have been nice, and would have been in keeping with the intent of the guest appearance on OSP. Can you fix this blog entry with the appropriate links?

      Thank you

      • Hahaa! Nice to meet you too Rob; of course this should have been done in the first place; apologies if it upset you I’ll amend it. Thanks for popping by x

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