Pencil drawing by Anda via Deviantart

Reflections show that time passes
stroking smoothness around hollow
haunted eyes.

There’s talk of stories
behind those panes of azure blue
whispers are seldom true.

Oh, those lips touched icy cold
on the tip of your consciousness
blackening your soul.

Making love to your psyche
as your ego inflated
ejaculating over the clean sheet of reality.

Veiled hooded and tarnished
hiding away from the world,
fingers raise to the cold glass
in sudden longing for fragments lost un-shared.

So I walk away.


11 responses to “Longing

  1. Imagery and event combine in this one to make the lines like gunshots. Fine free verse and I love the ending. Thanks for playing today, my friend.

  2. You’ve found your element and it’s elemental – working its way through unusual descriptions and sexy participles, and a realization that clears debris. Well done!

  3. “in sudden longing for fragments lost un-shared.”

    how many lives end and take those fragments with them? each of your poems astounds and awes me, Shân. always so much power in your words, whatever form your delivery takes. ♥

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