Hypnotic dance of freedom’s taste
alluring rhythm of disguise
forever hides behind your eyes.

Your rondo allegretto waits
for limb and line to intertwine
all earthly worries now erased.

If you were mine I’d compromise-
Hypnotic dance of freedom’s taste.

Written for Luke Praters‘ masterclass in Octains over on one stop poetry.


10 responses to “Affair

  1. uh-hu—- nice one shan – flawless use of the form and very cool flow…love the rondo allegretto – and love the pic…think i should go and buy a new bra..hehe…

  2. i really should not have waited until everyone was in bed to read these steamy octains…like the heat…esp that last stanza

  3. Lovely flow Shan – the poem read with beautiful cadence – a very easy melodic read – love the picture too – very evocative !

  4. Perfect in its form, I think you’ve mastered this one! And, as always, dance our imaginations away, tripping us down so many avenues…ultimately, freedoms’ taste is open to individual perception…and I dare say this taste of freedom could end up showing you just how trapped you really might be. Once again you lead me off to ponder…Standing ovation from the NoseBleed Seats have been delivered!

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