Reflective Apathy

Behind those vapid empty eyes
that chiselled jaw he can’t disguise
the toned physique, a woman’s dream
a shame there’s nothing in between
those ears so sculpted, perfect male;
his conversations sure to fail.

His manhood covered in a swash
of crimson flag, a warring cloth,
his own reflection straight ahead
it’s down narcissus’ road he’s fled.

Most girls don’t want a six packed freak
prefer the mind of the unique.

Photograph by Walter Parada. For one shoot sunday!


14 responses to “Reflective Apathy

  1. LOL, but we don’t know that:) Part of the ongoing tragedy of M/F relations. I’ve a poem going up tonight on just the same subject. This is lovely. x

    • I looked at this and it reminded me of the statue outside the Olympic stadium in Berlin, the perfect German, or the perfect male. I remember thinking, man he’s ugly…hence the poem!

  2. I loved your first line “Behind those vapid empty eyes”; boy, that line alone, could spring a whole new poem. And no, my physic is not so chiselled, but perhaps a unique mind “may” apply 🙂 Cheers, Dave

  3. love your take on the prompt, Shân! i had a child with a man because he looked good. he wasn’t narcissistic, just not very bright. fortunately it worked out and my daughter did get his looks and my brains. {smile} ♥

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  5. Fantastic write for this piece, my favorite for this image. It carves the great divide between the animus energy and conversely how it conflicts with what the feminine actually want and desire. Beautiful! ~ Rose

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