Here it comes
an instantaneous release
all the tears that won’t fall
undecibelled screams will remain
just that
amass in that one rose bud



another paper-cut
to join the clique
skin unsewn but meshed like net
providence to fuckedupness
psychological mistake



neck hairs stand on end
there it goes
malfunctioned Malaprop
tiny rivulet of all that’s bad
and then comes more guilt



small faux pas
already clotting.

It’s mental health awareness week this week. Did you know that one in three people suffer from a mental illness at some point in their lives? I’m proud to hold my hand up and be counted, post natal depression almost destroyed me three years ago. Thank you to all the professionals who helped at this time. Let’s talk about it, not hide it up.

Please take the time to read my friend Cat’s blog too,

Let’s stand up and be counted!


12 responses to “Help

  1. Good poem about an important topic. It’s up to poets to get people to talk about what they so often ignore.

  2. I hold my hand up too. Pervasive Development Disorder Not Over Specified. Undiagnosed until I tried to end it 6 years ago. I was lucky to meet a psychiatrist who saw the problem no else could have guessed, since I worked so hard to “be normal” all my life.
    I am still ashamed of not being able to live a “normal” life, so yes, we need to talk about it.
    Maybe that person who you think is lazy is just fragile for example.
    Beautiful poem, Shân and thank you for sharing with us.

  3. i think we have more and more people with mental problems and it’s good not to close our eyes – good you touched it with your poem shan

  4. very intense! depression and/or anxiety is rampant in my family and many people i know. besides shame and embarrassment, these illnesses are often difficult to treat and become a lifelong battle.

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