White Lilies

a single drop of dew
dribbles lazily over alabaster pale.
Waxen petals left where life
once iridescent shon,
now buried beneath memories.

Old slate and pine,
the greygreen contrast;
colourless white
the colour that isn’t really a colour;
and all the while
in my mind
plays a song about
chasing cars and laying down
your life for someone else.

Vowed never to tell.
Sobering in the chill wind,
where childhood disappeared
too soon-stolen stupidity.
That day, lives still within
as I turn
and leave
“your lilies”
leaving you,
to your sleep.


15 responses to “White Lilies

  1. white lilies are such beautiful flowers but i cannot look at them without thinking of death and those i’ve lost. as always, an incredibly moving poem, Shân.

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