Me and You us never part-
Me and You us never part-
Aint no ocean, aint no sea-
Keep my sister ‘way from me

Our roots intertwine,
buried deep beneath whispering earth
in which we immersed ourselves
built caves,
plaited together under eternal summer suns-
a symbiotic growth.

In streams we bathed our feet,
evolving into fast flowing wild rivers
carrying stones to sea
as quickly as if they were
feathers in spring breezes.

Time made us proud
motherhood made us knowledgable
watching what we produced
learn each day from those
first tentative steps
to knees running red
from grazes, we kiss
gently and send them on their way.

We have always had each other,
through adversity, finding strength
in the sisterhood-
and rejoicing in what we have become.

For my big little sister.


9 responses to “Sisterhood

  1. Ah that is sweet and wonderful. How bonds can remain strong through separation. I watched Color Purple but I don’t think I shall again it was a bit tough for me to take.

  2. those first three stanzas rock it shan…there is a great cadence the rhyme or near rhyme really kicks it up too…i like it….bathing feet becoming flowing rivers, nice…

  3. Wonderful poem. The image is from the Color Purple, isn’t it? I lost my sister a few years ago, but thank God for women friends. Like Mary said, it makes me ache.

  4. The Color Purple is one of my favorite films. You rocked it, Shân! {i’ll be back this weekend to get caught up on your blog ~ having laptop problems.}

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