Rhyme/ Rime

A rhyme is a crime, some people say
inhibits the flow in each single way;
you can’t paint a picture of life as we know it
if you’re caging yourself to words that befit
an end of a line has to rhyme with the last
poor Shakespeare would turn in his grave, aghast.

And when you’re thinking of the bards of old
such stories they translated in their day
these epic tales recounted now and told
in patterns of a sonnet they did play
If Byron, Keats and Shelley were all wrong
what use is there for people such as me?
who pen their rhymes into a modern song
whilst other poets hands are truly free!
I don’t bemoan a rhyme used here and there
in fact I think they’re rather useful tricks
I never get them tangled in my hair
in awe I read their use and am transfixed.
Release your inner Shakespeare for its time
to have some fun with good old-fashioned rhyme.


16 responses to “Rhyme/ Rime

  1. Very clever Shan, but I see you’re beginning to like rhyme more and more as you complete these exercises. Actually I do find them useful. I really worked on that Emily Dickinson kind of thing today and found (even though until the last verse I had no idea if I were “saying” anything) that the use of internal rhyme with end consonance really pleased me. I liked the playful use of rhyme and the rhyme about rhyme here. Hope lots of folks stop by for a read. Really well done!

  2. Hi Shan – so you like the dark background theme to your blog too 🙂 – I’ll “here, here” the comments above – I often find forms and rhymes restricting, spent two hours the other evening trying to write a “rhymer” and ended with a pile of poo. Loved this poem for it’s views on the classics, your humbleness and talking about sonnets – within a sonnet – very cool 🙂

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