No more frogs

A fortunate brush of thin lipluscious skin which stuck breathtakingly electrifying between us.
Two strangers deciding communication was best unspoken,
in serendipitous synchronisity.

In that fleeting moment where we melted into each other, we moved in unison.
The solid earth shifted tectonically underneath unsteady feet,
your taste, rich and satisfying against my hunger;
Ironic against sardonic of a sharpened tongue,
now exploring the warm welcoming crevasses of your soul.

Fired synapses exploded Cyrillic
inviting much more than pillowed talk
listless passionkilling
a hint only of the intelligence behind
the manoeuvring moistened lips.

If I’m never to be kissed again
let this moment be recorded.



24 responses to “No more frogs

  1. Shan, this is beautiful and intense and so well captures the essence of a moment, charged with meaning that your atmospheric words charge but do’t explain, leaving the reader richer for it. “fired synapses exploded Cyrillic” is brilliant and captures the whole energy of the poem. Brilliant!

  2. Shan, I really enjoyed this beautiful flowing and sensual poem. Grasped the reader from the very beginning. Thanks for sharing.

  3. “a hint only of the intelligence behind/the manoeuvring moistened lips.” too many good lines to pick but that one stood out for me. Fine poem, full of life and fire.

  4. And to think this is my last read of the night.. perhaps a lovely dream will follow..
    Beautiful emotions throughout this piece Shan…many great lines and I like the easy way it reads..
    Quite lovely indeed:-)

  5. I’d say that moment ended the misery for a bit! How I pine for the days when such actions were exciting rather than expected. How does one go avoiding the frogs to end up with a toad! 😉 Kidding, (the love of my life would shoot me for such a statement!) Loved the write, the images painted and weaved…oh yes, I do pine for those moments!

  6. mmm the passion is overdrive. Yes could we have lots of replays

    Shan this is excellent your wordsmithing I didn’t think could get better – it has

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